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Kindness makes other people happier.

Being kind also makes us happier and healthier.

Kindness connects and includes people.

The world needs more kindness, especially now.


SEDI Lab’s Kindness Hall of Fame celebrates the people of all ages and walks of life who keep kindness going in our communities. Help us shine a spotlight on the everyday kindness of friends, families, and neighbours by nominating them to the Kindness Hall of Fame.  




Questions? Contact us at maltilab.pipo@utoronto.ca.

The Kindness Hall of Fame is a social media campaign by the SEDI Lab. Nominations will be accepted year round. Nominees selected by the SEDI Lab will be contacted to accept their nomination, provide a photo, and answer a few brief questions about kindness. Kindness Hall of Fame Inductees will be highlighted across our social media, website, newsletter, and/or magazine. There is no monetary value attached to being selected for the Kindness Hall of Fame.

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