Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention

Dr. Tyler Colasante

Dr. Tyler Colasante

Managing Director, Research

Developmental Psychology and Digital Technology


I am a developmental scientist interested in the intersection of social-emotional development and technology. My past work focused on the self-conscious emotion of guilt and emotion regulation in early and middle childhood, specifically how feelings of guilt and emotion regulation strategies develop across this critical period and how they help children reflect on and avoid behaviours that harm others. My recent work has branched into another self-conscious emotion—shame—in digital contexts, such as social media, and more broadly how smartphones and digital technologies might hinder but also promote the emotion regulation, mental health, and prosocial behaviour of children, youth, and parents. In addition to studying social-emotional development in digital contexts, I use digital research techniques like smartphone-based experience sampling and ecological momentary assessment to collect intensive longitudinal data, and I specialize in the multilevel and longitudinal analyses these data require.




University of Toronto Mississauga