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Nurturing the Seed of Infinite Potentialities in Every Child

Nurturing the Seed of Infinite Potentialities in Every Child

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How can I


— support my child to be(come) caring with themselves and others

— create and grow a nurturing space

— be calm and caring

PIP O: A PIP is a seed found in the core of a fruit. It represents beginnings and groth. O stands for Omega, the final letter in the greek alpha

A new space for those who want to explore questions like these with others who are also interested in children’s healthy and ethical development, sharing experiences and learnings, and working together to lift up the next generation.

Welcome to PIP O.


PIP O. is the knowledge hub for the Laboratory for Social-Emotional Development and Intervention at the University of Toronto

Wonder Lab Art Sessions

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Workshop teaser picture
Workshop Teaser Picture
Workshop Teaser Picture

Colorful Animal World! Session 1

Students had the chance to reflect on their own self-image: Who are they? Which characteristics do they think define them? Students then selected an animal that ...

Colorful Animal World! Session 3

Students discussed what kind of world they would like to live in, and were asked to think about the unique needs and preferences of each of their animals as they imagined ...


Colorful Animal World! Session 2

Students took time to think about their family, friends, and classmates, considering how each are different and how this diversity makes everyone unique and ...


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